the perfect phone case

From lunches to home décor and everything in between, I have always enjoyed mixing things up.

So when I got my iPhone 5, I couldn’t wait to customize the look (and protect the hardware) with a chic case. After a year, I had gone through at least four cases. Besides my desire for a constantly new look, I also struggled to find one case that met my three basic qualifications: sturdy, pretty and slim.

In June I decided on a whim to try a chic case from Rifle Paper Co. Having had it for almost three months now (and planning to use it until I upgrade next spring), I can honestly tell you that this case is the perfect iPhone case and the only one I’ll ever order.
I love that Rifle Paper Co. offers a wide variety of designs and colors (pretty – check!). Their collaboration with French street style expert Garance Dore is even better! You have two options – slim and inlay. If you are the kind of person who likes to know their phone is protected, order the inlay, including a thin outer shell and a cushy inside case to protect (sturdy – check!). The best part is that this case isn’t too bulky, even with the extra insert (slim – check!). Close the revolving door of mediocre phone cases – order this one and never look back.


my favorite things

Fall is, without a doubt, my favorite season. While I love pumpkin spice and Thanksgiving just as much as the next person, I really love the feeling of coziness, the need to retreat indoors that the impending cool brings. So it is the perfect time to step up my home decor game. Here are 16 of my fall favorites currently available in stores and online, all for under $70!



back to the start


I would like to welcome you back to Samara in Seattle.

After a long absence, I went back to square one with a fresh look and a renewed energy to discuss all my favorite things, from living in Seattle to life at home. I hope you enjoy all that is to come and I ask for your patience as we move the next couple of weeks. There will be lots to share once we get settled in! Thanks for sticking with me and stay tuned for lots of exciting new things.